What #adulting Doesn’t Mean

I have blogged earlier this week about the #adulting phenomenon in which millennials find themselves. You can read those posts here and here.

But right now, I want to talk about what #adulting doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some candy on Halloween (or steal your kids’).

It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to cry over spilled milk.

It doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. It just means you must

learn from them.

It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t be silly. Be you.

It doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help.

It doesn’t mean your favorite movies can’t be Disney Pixar.

It doesn’t mean your feelings can’t be hurt.

It doesn’t mean you can’t

Sing in the shower

Dance in the rain

Go on an adventure

Get lost

Take selfies.

Adulting doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams.

If you want to write a novel and be on Ellen,

  Do it.

That dream isn’t just for “kid” you.

It’s for “you” you.

It doesn’t mean you have to be a realist or a pessimist.

It does not mean you can’t


It doesn’t mean you have to like black coffee and the History Channel.

It doesn’t mean starting every story with “back in my day…”

It doesn’t mean you have to get married and have children.

It doesn’t mean you stop obsessing over things like Harry Potter and Wicked the Musical.

It doesn’t mean you have to find God.

It doesn’t mean you have to lose God.

It doesn’t mean you have to like politics.

It doesn’t mean being on your own.

It doesn’t mean you can’t find love at first sight.

It doesn’t mean you change what you stand for.

It just means becoming conscious of your being and how you fit into the universe.

It means learning how to be kind and empathetic to all people.

It means finding yourself in new and foreign situations, and somehow surviving.

It means becoming fiscally responsible and building credit.

It means supporting others.

A spouse.




Your aging parents.


It means losing the people you love while finding new love along the way.

It means becoming a professional.

Not a stereotypical professional…but a professional “you”.

It means recognizing your strengths and being willing to develop your weaknesses.

It means keeping it together when you’re ready to





a p a r t

…and then realizing it’s still okay to fall apart. You just have to be able to glue yourself back together again.

It means placing your trust in others, and recognizing when it is time to pull that trust away.

It means hard work…






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